Using Containers for Portion Control and Weight Management

When people struggle with some form of abuse, they often turn to food to help manage their emotions. Food can be used as a comfort and a source of temporary management for controlling emotions. When someone is sad or hurt, they often reach for ice cream, chocolate or other types of high calorie or fat laden foods that may taste good for the moment. However, in eating excessive amounts, this will just turn to fat and make the individual gain weight.

Gaining weight is not harmful in small quantities providing the individual regularly exercises. But most people who start the process of emotionally eating do not stop after one or two bites of cheesecake or other comfort food. Therefore, the person gains weight week after week and this leads to a number of health problems like obesity or diabetes.  We recommend portion control to help prevent weight gain and promote weight loss.  The 21 day fix is an excellent exercise and weight loss program by Autumn Cabrese and sold by beach body.  It uses portion control containers to help the person track food and calories by using different colored containers. The 21 day fix container sizes vary from small to large and you fill them differently according to whatever food group.  For example, red is protein and you would fill the containers with chicken, turkey, lean beef or fish.  The yellow containers are for carbohydrates that are full of fiber like oatmeal, brown pasta or wholegrain rice.  Other containers of which you can eat more include the green for veggies and you can fill up on carrots, broccoli, cucumber and bell peppers or other vegetables of your choice providing they are not starchy like potatoes.

It’s also recommended to exercise with the program and the program consists of several different cardio or weight lifting based exercises to encourage muscle building and calorie burning.  If you commit to exercising 6 days a week, you will see an incredible change in your overall body.  Additionally, eating healthily will make you feel stronger and fitter because you will lose weight at a steady pace week by week.  By using the 21 day fix containers, you’ll be able to watch your weight via portion control. Eventually this helps you understand what a proper portion size is so in future you won’t need to count calories or use the containers regularly because you will already have a good eye for what constitutes a healthy sized portion of protein and vegetables.

It’s important to eat healthily so that you won’t become more depressed after going through whatever type of emotional issue. Using the containers is a great help to improve your overall level of health and fitness.


Relaxation and Stress Relief with Acupuncture

Sufferers of any form of abuse often have shot nerves because of experiences in their pasts. It isn’t uncommon for sufferers of any time of prior traumatic experience to have difficulties sleeping because of thoughts that might come to them at night.  We recommend a variety of stress-reducing methods to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Additionally, acupuncture is a type of therapy that can help greatly with those who suffer from tension or stress.  This is an ancient type of therapy that has become more and more popular in the last decade and is now used as an alternative to popular medicine practices. Many hospitals and modern doctors have become licensed to practice and treat with the needles required to administer the therapy whereas years ago it was disputed as being a treatment that simply wasn’t capable of true healing.  All that has changed however.


Those who suffer with high levels of depression or anxiety are the best potential recipients of this type of treatment as it literally works to restore the balance and harmony in the body. It’s a traditional Chinese medicine where it is thought that the “Qi” travels around as an energy throughout the body restoring it to its natural state after having been unbalanced due to bad diet, poor nutrition etc.  Modern doctors now say that this “Qi” is actually a chemical metabolic reaction but it does help the body restore itself to its “default” so to speak.

Acupuncturists have proven in study after study that those who suffer from severe anxiety are much less stressed and anxious after only a handful of Acupuncture London treatments. The acupuncturist places a needle about half a mm from the nerve which can cause different reactions whether it is placed on a nerve that results in pail release or in a part of the head that can regulate emotions like depression and stress.  By fixing these nerves, people are able to restore themselves to their original default level of health.

If you’ve never tried acupuncture before, we highly recommend you consider it if you feel like you’ve tried every other remedy to try to get well and none of them are working out for you.  Sometimes, you need to take a leap of faith in order to get the result you’ve been desiring.  I tried this treatment when I was undergoing a difficult break-up and it caused me to feel so much more content and happy with my life as it progressed.

Stress can lead to many problems in areas of your life such as family, friends or at work. If you take prescription medication or anti-depressants you may be “hooked” on them for the rest of your life when a simple treatment like acupuncture could truly change everything for you and result in a better quality of life.



Improving Mental Wellness through Health Magazines

In this day and age, we are bombarded with media advertisements insisting we have to look or act a certain way to be loved and expected. Magazines like “Vanity Fair” or “Cosmopolitan” insist we need to look beautiful to be accepted by society.  These magazines and advertisements are extremely detrimental to our self-perception and self-esteem.  When young girls and boys are constantly faced with media scrutiny or advertisements and commercials with models that have idealistic figures, those children can seek into a depression and it can negatively impact their level of confidence.


That is why it is so important for parents and leaders of authority like counselors and teachers to provide our youth with the right resources to stay strong and healthy mentally. We have discovered that it is very helpful to replace typical magazines in libraries, doctors or dentists’ offices with helpful and educational mental health magazine subscription to ensure that people are reading helpful material to improve their level of health and well-being.  Many family doctors underestimate the importance of mental health and focus on physical well-being instead.  However, counselors and psychiatrists insist that if a person suffers from any sort of mental illness, the problems can in turn cause deterioration of one’s level of physical health.  Stress, for example, is a leading factor behind weight gain and this can lead to other health issues with one’s heart, cholesterol levels and so forth.

I think that people need to start reading more health magazines that focus on general health for regular people in their daily lives instead of making claims that insist people can lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time or focusing on other areas in life that are less important.  There are many different magazines available that can help improve one’s daily life. My favorite magazine discusses how you can cook your own comfort foods that are good for you low in calories. Additionally, the magazine helps youth deal with issues that they may face in school like bullying and how to stay strong and confident when dealing with negative people.

In an age littered with social media and social expectations, now is more important than ever for our youth to have reading material that will help instruct them to become better more well-rounded people. It seems most of this generation is narcissistic and obsessed with self-image and a warped form of self-expression. Instead, people need to learn about how to resist peer pressure, stay physically fit because it is important for their future and not because it will help them get more “boyfriends” or girlfriends.  Leading health magazines need to focus more on educating and inspiring rather than deceiving the innocent in order to make more monthly sales.  Choose your literature wisely and invest in a health magazine subscription that could benefit your readers or children, rather than hinder their level of health.


Self-Empowerment through Weight loss and Diet

When you suffer through any form of abuse or bullying, immediately your self-esteem will become effective. You feel beaten down and as if that person has made you feel like you have no control. A woman I once worked with had a very abusive partner. He made her feel horrible every day. He told her she was fat and ugly and not worthy of his love your camera believe it at first, I see used to be a very confident and powerful woman. She met him work where she works with him and she was his manager.

They fell in love and got married and still continue to work together 10 years later. But slowly over time he forced her to quit her job and told her that she was worthless and worth nothing. He became the primary earner of the home and therefore he had all the power. She felt like she couldn’t leave him and she felt emotionally destroyed. She began eating a lot and gained a lot of weight because that was her way of dealing with her emotions as he belittled heard time and time again after a while she decided there had to be changed and she filed for divorce.

But being alone and without him and taking their father away from her children was one of the most difficult decisions of her life. She knew that she needed to do this or else she would never get her life back but after doing so she had to make other changes so that she wouldn’t be in the same situation ever again she began to take control of her diet and her weight she has spiraled out of control and become extremely obese and she didn’t know how to get out of it a luckily she was able to find skinny fiber diet pills in order to help her lose weight. The support she received from the online community was invaluable.

When you are trying to lose weight is very difficult to do it alone. You need to be able to rely on other people to help you lose weight because sometimes doing it on your own is not enough. She began taking skinny fiber diet pills every day for three and signed up for an online codes to support her not only through her weight loss journey but through her emotional journey has she got over her abusive husband who used to belittle her and make her feel worthless over time to gain back the confidence that she had lost in addition to losing weight. She felt empowered and in control for the first time in her life. When you start to lose weight important thing is not that you look skinnier and configure close the important thing is you feel better and stronger and more able to take on life’s daily challenges.  Start your weight loss journey today not only to look better but to become emotionally in control again after suffering through any time of bullying or abuse. You won’t believe how great it feels.

Changing attitudes and emotions through diet

When people regularly consume garbage food like processed or non-organic produce that is covered in pesticides and other things, they do not realize that not only are they harming their body in terms of physical weight gain or impacting their physical health. They are also impacting their health in terms of mood and emotional well-being.

What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that eating junk food and garbage food will make you feel just like that. Like garbage.  One week, I ate take away every night. Hamburger and fries on Monday, Indian food doused in oil and fat on Tuesday and pizza and wings on Wednesday. Why? I was lazy. I made money that week, I didn’t want to cook.  I had an entire fridge full of fresh produce but I didn’t want to use it. Instead, I just ate out and not only wasted about 20 bucks a night plus tip, but was consuming junk food and literally stuffing myself. I felt ILL afterwards.  The next day I acted out, I was rude to my boyfriend and caused fights with him for no reason. I felt sluggish, fat, angry. Not only at him but at myself. How did I resolve that? I ordered more food AGAIN, it’s a vicious cycle. Eat junk. Feel bad. Feel bad, so you eat more crap. It continues and never stops.  I knew i needed to lose weight and told my mom, she suggested I come over and she’d prepare me healthy foods by the hcg diet protocol. She ordered fiber pills for me to start taking to lose weight and I was skeptical at first, but then realized how they were working.

Do you know what happened then? I went to my mom’s house for a week and ate what she had prepared for dinner.  Lean meats, salads, vegetables, fruits, and healthy recipes. Not a drop of beer in sight even though I tried to borrow her car to go to the beer store. She didn’t let me! She knew my tricks and wanted me to get healthier and get better. After a week of healthy eating, I felt amazing. I lost about 10 pounds, I was nicer and kinder to those around me. The cravings stopped and I stopped taking it out on anyone else. I was being verbally abusive to my loved ones simply because I felt bad about myself.

I remember losing two of my best friends because I was so jealous of them and their bodies that I couldn’t be friends with two girls so much fitter and more attractive than I was. How messed up is that? I’ve lost a lot because of weight and feeling bad about myself. I’m tired of it. I’m done with that. It’s time to make a change.  Going on the hcg diet helped me lose about 20 pounds in 2 months and I still have about 10 pounds to go. I am so grateful that I took the leap and made that change. I will never go back.

Health Care, Wellness and Therapy

After going through or enduring a type of trauma or incidence relating to abuse or lack of care and concern in the workplace, it is important to learn the steps for how to recover.

  • Always remember that you are not alone and that you can seek help by talking to a counselor or member of social services.
  • Remember that you are not to blame for any incident that may have occurred irregardless of what others may think
  • Time heals all wounds
  • Therapy is your friend – there is nothing shameful about enlisting the support or help of a licensed professional
  • Many forms of therapy are available for example, exercise, yoga, meditation. All of these are forms of stress relievers which can help heal pain caused my any type of stress-inducing or related incident

Yoga for Therapeutic Healing Purposes

Many people swear by meditation and yoga to help them heal and recover from problems occurring in the workplace.  We recommend starting with 20 minutes of breathing exercises and stretch related exercises per day to become adjusted to this form of therapy.

Stretching also helps increase your flexibility so you are less tense and your muscles are more relaxed.  Undergoing or suffering through trauma can cause breakdowns on your mental and emotional health in additional to your physical health. For this reason, it is important to regain your strength. Physical endurance and exercise can help combat depression and anxiety.

Here are some yoga exercises to help you get started on your path to recovery:

Lori helps you on the path to freedom from stress and depression in this beginner’s yoga and flexibility routine brought to you by PsycheTruth.

Dietary Changes for Mental Clarity and Physical Strength

Our friends at recommend changing your diet or looking at skinny fiber pills reviews and incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods in order to improve your ability to digest and absorb not only food but though process.  Studies show that people who have diets full of Omega 3 and healthy fats have better memory retention and clarity, making it easier to focus and accept change as you go through the healing process.

Foods That Help Combat Depression:

These foods help increase serotonin and therefore fight depression and anxiety.

  • Turkey
  • Walnuts
  • Fish such as Salmon or Tuna Steaks boost brain power
  • Dairy products low in fat such as yogurt and fat-free milk are high in calcium and Vitamin D

Remember that health has many variables.

To achieve optimal levels of health you must eat plenty of healthy foods and practice regular exercise and therapy sessions such as yoga or meditation.  Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.


Welcome to the WITNESS website

WITNESS: against abuse by health & care workers is the only charity in the UK working exclusively on abuse by health & care workers. WITNESS (formerly POPAN) runs a helpline, a support and advocacy service, provides training and develops new policy approaches to the prevention of abuse.


About WITNESS training

WITNESS provides training about professional boundaries.   Courses focus on setting and maintaining professional boundaries, the difference between personal and professional relationships, the need for clear boundaries and the dynamics of boundary violations and professional abuse.

WITNESS trains user and survivor groups, NHS Trusts, advocacy groups, regulators, professional associations and a wide range of professionals.

Training clients report that their systems improve, that their workers are better informed and that they are more able to work with abuse survivors.

Courses are structured according to the needs of training clients, can be used as part of induction programmes or refresher sessions and may be structured to fit over one or several days. Learning methods include handouts, lectures, brainstorms, group discussion, information sharing and small group activities.

Participants own strengths and experience are seen as the starting point for effective learning.  All WITNESS trainers are skilled at working with this challenging topic and create a safe environment where participants can look at the issues in relation to their own work.

Training is delivered ‘in-house’ to training clients, offering total flexibility to the client regarding dates and venues.


Contact us

If you’d like to talk about your training needs please get in touch with Jane Gardiner, Training Manager, on 020 7939 9924 or via

(Please note that this phone number should only be used if you wish to discuss training)


Examples of training courses
• Abuse in professional practice
• Advocacy for people alleging misconduct
• Advocating for the victims of professional abuse
• Boundaries and professional abuse
• Dealing with professionals
• Ethical Standards and training
• Ethics and errors
• From victims to survivors
• Handling complaints about sexualised behaviour
• Keeping helping relationships safe
• Keeping the professional counselling role safe
• Preventing abusive practice
• Professional boundaries
• Sexual Offences Act
• Supporting the victims of sex crime
• Understanding professional abuse

Training clients

• General Social Care Council

• Department of Health (ICAS & PALS)

• Royal College of Psychiatrists

• ICAS Eastern Region

• East Sussex NHS Trust

• Greenwich Mind

• Mental Health Action Group – Hull

• Mind

• National Advocacy Network

• BACP (British Association of Counselling and       Psychotherapy)

• Mind in Camden

• Queen Margaret University College Edinburgh

• University of East London

• Cambridge House Advocacy Service

What WITNESS training clients say…

” GSCC staff who have attended WITNESS training report that their understanding of professional boundaries is vastly improved, and that an appreciation of many of the dynamics surrounding professional abuse is achieved. Staff are able to incorporate the learning into their roles and are also able to work more confidently and sensitively with abuse survivors.

I have been very impressed with the standard of WITNESS training which has been consistently high, and excellent feedback has been received. Overall, this training has had an enormously positive impact on the work that we do.

WITNESS staff and trainers were highly professional and showed real skill in managing the varying experience levels and demands of participants. They handled what can be a sensitive subject with diplomacy and skill.

The training has impacted all levels of the organisation. Regulatory staff are more equipped to work with vulnerable clients and panel members have a clearer understanding of the dynamics of abuse and are better prepared to make often complex decisions. I would thoroughly recommend this training to health and care regulators and service providers.

Given the overwhelmingly positive impact that this training has had on the organisation, this training has represented exceptional value for money

We are hoping to secure WITNESS for further training in the future.”
Robin Weekes
Head of Conduct
General Social Care Council

‘Informed, informative and participative’

‘Very interesting and thought provoking course, particularly around ‘crossing’ and ‘violating’ boundaries’

‘Appropriate and valuable’

‘Really interesting case studies – excellent to stimulate discussion and highlight the diversity in what people feel is appropriate and therefore the difficulty in creating concrete guidance’

‘Enjoyable and informative’

‘Needed and appreciated’

‘This was a well run course that gave enough time for open forum and addressing individual issues’

‘Very useful, thought-provoking and participative’


Broken Boundaries 2007

WITNESS will be holding a major conference about sexual and non sexual boundary violations in the talking therapies in March 2007.

‘Talking Therapy’ is now high on the national agenda. Multiple surveys of people using mental health services show widespread support for improved access, the government has established therapy centres and a campaign for more therapy has been launched by mental health charities.

At the same time there is a new movement of users and practitioners of therapy who have developed strong critiques centred around consent, empowerment and the abuse of power. Within these analyses are many accounts of ‘boundary violations’, which have been central to recent ‘celebrity therapist’ cases and are at the heart of the concerns of WITNESS clients.

This conference will articulate these concerns and will focus on solutions & ways forward. It will be of fundamental importance and relevance to anyone who is in, or has been in, talking therapy, and to practitioners, mental health workers, policy-makers, professional associations, campaign groups and regulators.

To receive further information about this conference, or to have your details added to the mailing list for future conferences, please contact Jane Gardiner, Training Manager, on 020 7939 9924, or via